Eine Pumpe für unser Wasserbohrloch + Gewinnspiel Campervan

A pump for our water borehole + competition campervan

In order to be able to receive you as guests permanently, we need water. 💧🚰

We have already invested €6,600 😲 in the water borehole and all the material (water pipes, electric boiler, kitchen fittings, washing machine, dishwasher, etc.) for the final water installation is already available. 👍🏽 There are still 1,000 € missing for the necessary pump including installation to pump the water up from the borehole. 💪🏽🚰

Once the pump is purchased, more people can be on the property at the same time. 🧘🏽 This in turn lets the camp grow and we reach our goal of being completely self-sufficient even faster!🙏🏾

Every supporter takes part in the campervan competition at the same time ☺️

Best regards from Portugal 🇵🇹

Daniel ✌️

Conditions of participation

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